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Who we are

Our story

24 Pesula is a family-run business based in Finland. All our laundrettes are conveniently located close to supermarkets and they are fully automated. 24 Pesula and its subsidiary form one of the largest self-service laundrette chains anywhere in Europe.

Our story began in 1999, when five Nevala brothers joined forces to set up our first ever laundrette in Kokkola. In classic Finnish style, we first came up with the idea for our laundrette in the sauna. What motivated us was our desire to raise funds for our shared hobby, motor sports. We’re all pretty good with our hands and had the skills to set up a self-service laundrette ourselves.

The laundrettes and the machines are all designed with the needs and convenience of our customers in mind. We want to make them as simple and easy to use as possible. Today, we have 30 laundrettes around Finland and our network continues to grow.

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Cutting-edge technology

At 24 Pesula, the quality of the service we provide is underpinned by the latest technical and digital advances, which we make available to our customers in an accessible and user-friendly format. We can monitor and manage all our equipment remotely and our customer services are open 24/7.

Our latest innovation is a patented flatbed rug washer for hard-backed rugs, which we designed ourselves. The completely new concept means that your rugs can be washed in just 5 to 30 minutes. What’s more, they’ll be dry too.

We have also designed and built our own payment and administrative systems, drying lockers and other equipment. As well as securing a number of patents, we have also been presented with the INNOSUOMI innovation award and our products and services carry the Design from Finland mark.

An easier everyday

At 24 Pesula we want to bring laundrette services to where you are. Laundry is an important part of our everyday lives, and we want to make it that little bit easier for you.

Our aim is to make accessible and easy-to-use laundry services available for everyone.

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Going global

Our 24 Laundrette UK Ltd operates in England under the 24 Laundromat brand. Self-service laundries are a common feature of the English high street. 

In England, our 24 Laundromats are based at supermarkets to allow people to get their washing done while they do their shopping.

Our story

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