a completely new laundromat concept

making your life easier

Welcome to 24 Pesula! Our brand new laundromat concept means you can wash your clothes, home textiles and rugs in just half an hour. What’s more, you don’t need to book in advance. All our laundromats are easy to get to whether your travelling by car, public transport or even by bike.

How does it work?

All 24 Pesula laundromats operate on a self-service basis. They’re quick and easy to use and clear instructions are provided.

There’s no need to book in advance – if a machine’s free, it’s all yours!

All our laundromats are set up with machines that are suitable for washing clothes as well as larger items, like rugs. The machines come with a wide choice of wash cycles.  Detergent is always included with the cost of your wash, and it’s automatically dispensed by the machine.

Separate dryers are available for your clothes and home textiles. A 30-minute cycle is usually enough to dry the load. We also offer lockable drying lockers for your rugs. 24 Pesula offers a complete laundry service – you will leave with clean and dry items that are immediately ready to wear.

What can I wash and how much will it cost?

You can use 24 Pesula to wash all your domestic laundry, excluding dry clean only items. We offer a wide range of machines in different sizes with a choice of wash cycles. You can wash smaller rugs in our regular washing machines, but we also offer a specialist rug washing machines for any hard-backed rugs. Our prices start at EUR 6. You can also dry your washing and rugs at 24 Pesula.

Get in touch

You can use the feedback form to send us a message or call customer services on 010 292 7799.

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