We care about the environment

At 24 Pesula, we are committed to sustainability, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that our planet remains healthy and habitable by reducing our own environmental impact. By using our laundrettes, you too can help to reduce the carbon emissions generated through washing and by the textile industry.

From single-use to sustainability

You can extend the life of your rugs and other home textiles by washing them regularly. Dirt and stains can become ingrained

in fabrics, making them impossible to remove. Over time, dust and dirt can also damage the fabric. That’s why it’s recommended that you tackle any stains immediately and wash all your rugs and home textiles regularly and whenever they become soiled.

Clean rugs and home textiles are key to a comfortable and healthy home. Well-maintained home textiles are fresh and maintain their vibrant colours better. When you’re doing washing, it’s a good idea to check that your rugs and other home textiles are not torn or otherwise damaged and repair them before cleaning.

If you’ve decided to get rid of any items that are still usable and in good working order, please make sure you sell them on or recycle them. And if you’ve bought a second hand rug or other pre-loved item, take it to a 24 Pesula laundrette for cleaning  before taking it home. Don’t forget to clean your rugs, clothes and other items before putting them away into storage.

Our laundrettes have a range of washing machines available to meet all your needs.

Owning or sharing?

In Finland these days, it’s by no means a given for all homes to be fitted with their own washing machines and tumble dryers, and the communal laundry rooms that you used to find in apartment buildings are becoming less common too. This is by no means a bad thing.

The sharing economy is making a comeback. By sharing resources, we can reduce the environmental impacts resulting from white goods manufacturing, transport and use, as well as the waste that is ultimately created when we dispose of our appliances.

Our laundrettes offer a wide choice of washing machines and tumble dryers that are perfect for all your home textiles that tolerate washing with water. We’re here so you don’t need to buy your own washing machine and tumble dryer if you’d prefer not to.

In fact, at 24 Pesula we want to challenge the current status quo around laundry. While we don’t plan on sidelining our colleagues at full-service laundries, we do want to offer an alternative to every “private laundry” in Finland, whether that means helping people to not overfill their domestic washing machines and break their backs scrubbing rugs in communal laundry rooms or on traditional rug washing jetties, or stopping them from drying their clothes in cramped flats or saving them from mad dashes to bring their washing in from the garden when the heavens open or having to hire pressure washers, suffer from low-quality results or generally feel overwhelmed by the mountains of washing they’re surrounded by. We’re here to make your everyday life that little bit easier and better.

All our machines are available on a first-come-first-served basis, which means that you do not need to book in advance. Welcome to the sharing economy! Find out more about how we work.

Fewer car journeys.

All 24 Pesula laundrettes are located adjacent to other shops and services. This means that you can do your washing while food shopping, getting a hair cut, grabbing a meal or buying some clothes. By combining your errands into one big trip, you can reduce the number of car journeys you take. Find your local 24 Pesula.

Sustainable laundry detergent

At 24 Pesula, we use an eco-certified laundry detergent made by Novadan in Denmark. The liquid detergent is unscented and hypoallergenic. The same detergent is suitable for all washing, including clothes, rugs, woollens, silk and down.

Our detergent has been awarded the Nordic swan ecolabel. The Nordic Swan is a high-regarded and strictly regulated certificate that assesses not only sustainability but quality too. To be granted Nordic Swan certification, products must meet the following criteria:

At 24 Pesula laundrettes, our dosage is carefully assessed to ensure optimal performance. This means that we use the right amount of detergent every time and reduce our impact on the environment.

When laundry detergent is used correctly, you also use less energy as you can keep your wash cycles shorter and your temperatures lower.  

Efficient programmes and large machines

All our wash programmes are optimised for large volumes of laundry. The washing machines are plumbed directly into the hot water supply, meaning that we don’t need to heat the water on site, which would cause an additional spike in energy consumption. It also means that we can deliver optimal results in just half an hour without compromising on wash, rinse or spin performance. Apply stain remover to stains and soiled areas to avoid repeated washes and increase the life span of your items, it saves energy too. 

Our high capacity washing machines (9 – 19 kg) allow you to wash large volumes of laundry in just half an hour. At home, you would need to do around three washes for the same results, and it would take you around nine hours to do it.

Healthy and energy-efficient drying

Our tumble dryers and drying lockers are an energy efficient way to dry your washing. Did you know that drying your washing at home consumes a lot of energy? When your ventilation system removes moisture from the air, it consumes lots of energy.

And did you know that drying your washing at home can also be a health risk? High levels of humidity indoors can lead to problems with damp and make allergies worse too.

Read an MTV news report on this topic.

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