Flatbed RUG washer

new way to clean your rugs

24 Pesula’s latest innovation makes it easy for you to clean rugs that can’t go in a regular washing machine

24 Pesula’s latest innovation makes it easy for you to clean rugs that can’t go in a regular washing machine

The flatbed rug washer means you can now clean all your hard-backed rugs yourself. The machine is quick and easy to use and offers excellent value for money. Even large rugs take just half an hour and are usually dry enough to go straight back on your floor. The cost of a rug clean tends to range between € 6.30–24.90. You don’t need to measure your rugs either, the machine does it all for you.

What’s the flatbed rug washer for? | How does it work? | How much does it cost? | Our top tips for great results | Where can I find one? 

What’s the flatbed rug washer for?

Our flatbed rug washers are designed to clean your rugs quickly and efficiently! They are meant for hard-backed rugs that can be washed with water.

The flatbed rug washer is suitable for rugs that:

How does it work?

Our flatbed rug washer is extremely easy to use:

  1. Start by placing the rug on the rack.
  2. Now place one end of the rug against the orange stripe, making sure that the rug is facing upwards.
  3. The hatch will now close automatically, and the machine will measure your rug.
  4. To start the wash, make a payment using the card machine provided.

How much will it cost?

Our top tips for best results

Rugs suitable for flat cleaning

Always read the care instructions

It’s important to read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer and to follow them carefully. All items are always washed at your own risk. We can only give general guidance, as each rug is unique. 

As a rule, rugs cleaned using the flatbed rug washer must be suitable for flat washing with water and be single sided. They should be 0.5–3 cm thick and max. 200 * 400 cm in size. The machine can also be used to clean round rugs.

It is ideal for:

  • woven wool rugs
  • woven cotton rugs
  • hand-knotted wool and silk rugs
  • hard-backed low pile rugs
  • felt-backed low pile rugs
  • hand-tufted rugs
  • hard-backed runners
  • plush rugs more than 0.5 cm thick
  • hard-backed high pile rugs

It’s a good idea to read the care instructions carefully before you buy your rug. If you plan to use the flatbed washer, always make sure the rug is suitable for flat washing with water. You might want to contact the manufacturer for further information, if you’re unsure. 

The Inspecta website has useful information on care instructions.

Top tip!

Take a photo of the care label! That means you will always have the details to hand even if the label itself fades or comes off.

Getting the best results

For the best results, get your rugs ready for washing in advance.

Things to do at home:

  1. Hoover your rug carefully and remove any dirt, including bits of tape and Blu Tack.
  2. Check that the rug is not fraying and repair any damage before washing.
  3. Apply stain remover to any areas that need extra attention. We recommend gall soap as it’s a natural product and also an effective stain remover, however, all types of products are fine to use, including ordinary laundry liquid.
  4. Roll up your rug and tie it together using a piece of string or even an old belt. This will make it easier for you to carry.
  • Your rugs will last longer if you care for them regularly in accordance with the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • It’s enough to wash your rugs twice a year, provided that you keep them clean between washes and remove any stains immediately. Even if the rugs are subjected to relatively little wear and tear, it’s a good idea to wash them once or twice a year to eliminate dust. Ingrained dust and dirt is harder to remove and can damage the rug.
  • If you have pets or children, it’s a good idea to wash your rugs whenever they start to look untidy to make sure any dirt does not become ingrained.
  • It’s a good idea to remove any stains immediately. More handy tips for getting rid of stains are available here.
Top tip!

Avoid the rush and visit us first thing in the morning or after 6 pm, at these hours there is likely no queue for the machines.

Further information about flat washing

Using the flatbed rug washer

When you’re placing your rug in the flatbed rug washer, make sure that one end of the rug is visible and you can lift it on to the washing tray facing up the way. It’s a good idea to loosen the rolled up rug a little bit to allow it to be pulled into the machine.

Heavy rugs: we recommend two people to lift heavier rugs. Once the rug has been placed in the rack, it’s a good idea to loose it up a little bit or even fold it gently.

Round rugs: The machine can also be used to clean round rugs. Start by selecting “Round” on the display. This allows the machine to correctly measure the size of your rug.

Drying: Hard-backed rugs are usually immediately ready to use and require no additional drying. Your rug may feel damp to the touch but this will dry off within a couple of hours. Soft-backed rugs may absorb more moisture during the washing process. If your rug feels wet, please use one of the drying lockers to finish it off.

In the flatbed washer, the rug passes through a washing unit. It is cleaned using high pressure water at 35 °C. Laundry detergent is dispensed automatically and it’s suitable for both wool and silk rugs. The water is then immediately suctioned out of the rug. The flatbed washer is designed to eliminate deeply ingrained dirt. For the best results, it’s a good idea to remove any loose dirt before washing. After the programme is complete, the is rug folded and returned to the rack. You can roll it up in the rack or lift it on to one of the tables provided.

Where can I find a flatbed rug washer?

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